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Thank you very much for your interest in this blog. The purpose of this moderated blog is to provide a forum for discussion of my book, published in 2018, Roman Amoralism Reconsidered: the Political Culture of the Roman Republic and Historians in an Era of Disillusionment. Please see the Get the book tab for information on downloading a free digital version of the book or purchasing a print copy.

This blog is open to comments from anyone, ranging from a professional scholar in the field to an interested layperson. Nevertheless, whatever the status or qualifications of the contributor, the purpose of this blog is serious scholarly discussion of the book, Roman Amoralism Reconsidered. The blog will be moderated by me, and I have the sole right to decide whether to include or exclude a contribution. I will apply the following criteria to decide whether to include a comment:

  • Comments may be positive or negative, but must be civil in tone with respect to other contributors to the blog and other scholars, including myself, and must avoid abuse or personal recrimination.
  • Contributors should identify themselves by their real name and by academic affiliation if they have one, and should be sent from a genuine e-mail address. Anonymous or pseudonymous comments will be excluded by me to the extent that I am able to identify them.
  • Comments should be related to the content of the book. If a comment relates to a specific passage in the book, it would be helpful to identify that passage by page number. Note that this book has been posted in a fixed format so that every reader sees the book in the same format with the same pagination. This criterion means that comments about extraneous subjects, however interesting they may be, such as the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire or the specifics of Caesar’s campaigns in Gaul, will be excluded, unless they relate in some way to the book.

Also, readers who spot typos and similar mechanical errors in the book are encouraged to send them in to me, either via email (to, the form in the Contact tab, or comment beneath a blog post.  Please put “Errata” in the subject line or beginning of the comment and, if I agree, I will post the noted errors and corrections under the Errata tab.

If you have any comments or questions about this blog, please direct them to me at

Michael C. Alexander
Professor Emeritus
Department of History
University of Illinois at Chicago