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Roman Amoralism Reconsidered: the Political Culture of the Roman Republic and Historians in an Era of Disillusionment has been published by me with a Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND, which means that it can be freely duplicated and shared in part or in whole, without altering the work, as long as it is identified by the author’s name and the title of the book and this use is for a non-commercial purpose. When you share the book, please call the conditions of the Creative Commons license to the attention of the recipient.

Recommended citation: Alexander, Michael C. Roman Amoralism Reconsidered: The Political Culture of the Roman Republic and Historians in an Era of Disillusionment. Self-published,, 2018.

How to download or purchase

For an electronic, downloadable PDF copy of Roman Amoralism Reconsidered, the book can be accessed without cost online through the INDIGO repository of the Library of the University of Illinois at Chicago (, through the library catalogue ( Alternatively, the book can be downloaded as a Dropbox file from, or directly from this blog by clicking the following link: Alexander_Roman_Amoralism_Reconsidered_digital final Feb222018. Only about 50 sheets of paper are needed to print the book, if printed in the following way:

  • open the PDF file
  • select “Print”
  • select “Multiple Pages”
  • under pages per sheet select “2”
  • check “Flip on short edge”
  • check “Printing on both sides”
  • under Orientation pick “Portrait”
  • click on “Print”

Anyone with a mailing address in the United States can also purchase a bound soft-cover copy of the book from me for US$15.00 a copy (which covers the cost of printing and shipping), by mailing a check or money order made payable to “Michael C. Alexander”  along with your name and mailing address (clearly printed, please), to:

Michael C. Alexander
1831 Murray Ave., Suite #217
Pittsburgh, PA 15217-1656

Note that all sales are final. For anyone outside of the United States, the cost of shipping will make the purchase price much higher than US$15.00, and a download-and-print will probably be the more cost-effective option, but anyone who does want the book to be shipped outside of the US can contact me via email at or via the form in the Contact tab, and I will provide a price that will include the cost of shipping.